Google’s AMIE: A Sneak Peek into the Future of Doctor’s Visits

Chatting with Your Doctor Could Soon Be Powered by AI: Google's AMIE Leads the Way
AMIE: A research AI system for diagnostic medical reasoning and conversations
Source: Google Blog

New Study Reveals AI Vulnerability: Text-to-Image Models Easily Fooled

Prompt-Specific Poisoning Attacks on Text-to-Image Generative Models
Data poisoning attacks manipulate training data to introduce unexpected behaviors into machine learning models at training time. This paper demonstrates that text-to-image generative models are vulnerable to prompt-specific poisoning attacks, which target a model’s ability to respond to individual prompts.

Automating the Future: Data Trends Powering the AI Revolution

AI runs on data. This report exposes how smart companies are leveraging data to outpace rivals with AI.
DATA TRENDS 2024 First-Mover Advantage: How Leading Enterprises AreBuilding the Foundation for Advanced AI

IBM Report Reveals: 85% of Execs Betting on AI

With 63% of execs investing in AI for agent support, IBM's research highlights why you can't afford to miss the generative AI wave
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Source: IBM Institute

EY’s Chief Technology Officer Reveals AI Breakthroughs in Business

Nicola Morini Bianzino Dives Deep into AI Realities
Generative AI in the Enterprise, with EY Chief Technology Officer
Source: CXO Talk

MIT’s Latest Study: ChatGPT Transforms Writing Efficiency

Discover how ChatGPT not only speeds up writing tasks by 37% but also enhances output quality, a game-changer for professionals seeking efficiency and excellence
The report examines the productivity effects of ChatGPT on mid-level professional writing tasks, showing significant increases in productivity and output quality.
Source: MIT

Microsoft NewFuture of WorkReport 2023

Discover how AI is reshaping the workforce, elevating productivity levels, and redefining skill sets – essential knowledge for the modern professional.

UNESCO’s Landmark Report: Navigating the Complex World of Generative AI in Education

Navigating the AI educational landscape: Find out how UNESCO's latest findings on generative AI can transform your approach to teaching and learning in an AI-driven world.

AI’s New Frontier: IBM’s Comprehensive Report Predicts a 39% Jump in Generative AI Adoption

Discover how generative AI is reshaping business models, offering unprecedented ROI growth and driving a new era of innovation.
IBM logo IBM: Enterprise generative AI: State of the market
Source: ibm

NVIDIA Joins $1T Club Amid AI Surge: State of AI Report 2023 Unveils

With NVIDIA's market cap soaring past $1 trillion thanks to AI, the 2023 State of AI Report by Air Street Capital details the explosive growth and challenges in AI, impacting careers in tech and investment strategies.
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