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  • Contract Management
  • Contract Automation
  • Contract Analytics
  • Contract Compliance
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Ironclad AI is a contract management software that utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline and automate various aspects of contract management. The software offers the following features:

- Automatic tagging of contract data for easier searching and analysis
- Redline suggestions based on custom guidelines set by the user
- Flagging of unapproved clauses to ensure compliance
- Customizable reporting dashboards for contract data analysis
- Collaboration and negotiation facilitation based on legal-approved guidelines
- Centralized repository for contract data and knowledge management
- Analytics and reporting features to gain insights from contract data
- Document security with encryption and cloud-based deployment
- Integration with other systems through its API
- Custom workflow design capabilities
- Collaborative editing, allowing multiple users to work on contracts simultaneously

Ironclad AI is designed to speed up contract turnaround time, improve collaboration, and provide better decision-making capabilities for businesses. The software aims to increase contracting efficiency by 80% across a business and is customizable for use by various business stakeholders, including sales, procurement, finance, and other departments.

The release date for Ironclad AI is unknown based on the provided information.

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  • What does it do?
    Contract Management, Contract Automation, Contract Analytics, Contract Compliance, Contract Collaboration
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