What does it do?

  • Mathematical Computations
  • Scientific Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Financial Calculations
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How is it used?

  • Prompt to Text
  • Text to Data
  • Data to Insights/Analytics

Who is it good for?

  • Education
  • Professional Services
  • Research & Development
  • Technology

What does it cost?

  • Pricing model : Subscription
  • Starting monthly price : If billed monthly $7.00
  • Starting annual price : If billed yearly $5.00

Details & Features

  • Made By

    Wolfram Alpha
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WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine that provides precise answers to a wide range of queries by computing the answer from structured data. It leverages a vast database of curated information and advanced algorithms to handle complex computations and data analysis.

Key features:
- Solves equations, performs algebraic manipulations, and handles calculus problems
- Provides detailed information and analysis on scientific topics, including physics, chemistry, and biology
- Performs statistical calculations and data analysis
- Offers insights into financial markets, economic indicators, and personal finance calculations
- Provides information on medical conditions, drug interactions, and nutritional data
- Analyzes linguistic data, including word definitions, translations, and language statistics
- Offers geographical data, maps, and weather forecasts
- Converts between different units of measurement
- Allows users to create custom widgets to embed WolframAlpha's computational capabilities into their own websites or applications

How it works:
Users interact with WolframAlpha through its web interface by typing in natural language queries. The engine processes these queries using its database and computational algorithms to generate precise answers. It can interpret mathematical problems in plain text, analyze input data sets for statistical analysis, and interpret natural language queries to provide relevant information and computations.

WolframAlpha supports integrations with various platforms and services, including:
- Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, uses WolframAlpha to answer factual questions
- Microsoft Excel, allowing users to integrate WolframAlpha's computational capabilities for advanced data analysis
- APIs, enabling developers to integrate WolframAlpha's computational engine into their own applications

Use of AI:
WolframAlpha uses generative artificial intelligence to interpret and process natural language queries.

AI foundation model:
The engine is built on the Wolfram Language, a symbolic programming language designed for computational mathematics and data analysis. It uses proprietary algorithms and data curation techniques developed by Wolfram Research.

How to access:
WolframAlpha is available as a web app accessible through any web browser, a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, an API for developers, and customizable widgets for embedding into websites and applications.

  • Supported ecosystems
    Unknown, iOS, Apple, Android, Google, Apple, Microsoft, iOS, Android, Google
  • What does it do?
    Mathematical Computations, Scientific Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Financial Calculations, Unit Conversions
  • Who is it good for?
    Education, Professional Services, Research & Development, Technology


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Pricing modelSubscription
Starting monthly priceIf billed monthly $7.00
Starting annual priceIf billed yearly $5.00


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