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  • LiDAR
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Unitree Robotics develops and manufactures a range of advanced robots and LiDAR systems that integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. The company's product lineup includes humanoid robots, quadruped robots, and LiDAR solutions designed for various applications, such as research, industrial inspection, and fitness.

Key Features:

- Humanoid Robots: H1, a universal humanoid robot for various applications, and G1, a humanoid agent AI avatar capable of complex tasks.
- Quadruped Robots: Go2, a quadruped robot empowered by standard 4D ultra-wide LiDAR and large model GPT; Go1, a quadruped robot with advanced AI capabilities; and A1/Aliengo, a quadruped robot with advanced AI and motor capabilities.
- LiDAR Solutions: Unitree 4D LiDAR L1, an ultra-wide-angle 4D LiDAR system with 360° × 90° omnidirectional scanning, high point cloud density, effective resistance to interference, and a compact, lightweight design.
- Fitness and Industrial Applications: Unitree Fitness PUMP, a fitness product designed for various exercises, and robots designed for industrial inspection projects.
- Other Products: B2, a wheel-legged robot, and Unitree Sim, a simulation platform for robotics development.

How it works:
Unitree's products interact with users through various interfaces, such as programming and control interfaces for humanoid and quadruped robots, integration with other systems for LiDAR, and direct use for fitness products.

Many of Unitree's robots are compatible with the Robot Operating System (ROS), allowing for seamless integration with other robotics systems. The Go2 quadruped robot is empowered by large model GPT, enabling advanced AI capabilities.

Use of AI:
Unitree's humanoid and quadruped robots are designed to integrate with various AI models, enabling complex tasks and behaviors.

AI foundation model:
The Go2 quadruped robot uses large model GPT for advanced AI capabilities.

How to access:
Unitree's products are available as physical robot hardware, such as robots and LiDAR systems, and software platforms, including simulation platforms like Unitree Sim and control interfaces for robots.

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    Unknown, iOS, Apple, Android, Google
  • What does it do?
    Robotics, Humanoid Robots, Quadruped Robots, LiDAR, Fitness
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