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  • Paraphrasing
  • Grammar Checking
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Writing Assistance
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QuillBot is an online writing platform that offers a suite of AI-powered tools to help users elevate and perfect their writing. Founded in 2017 by Anil Jason, Rohit Gupta, and David Silin, QuillBot's features include:

- Paraphrasing: Rearranges word order and substitutes words to make content easier to understand and avoid plagiarism.
- Grammar Checker: Inspects documents for typos, spelling mistakes, and other grammatical issues.
- Plagiarism Checker: Helps users identify and fix plagiarized content to ensure originality.
- Co-writer: Brings all the other tools together, allowing users to write and edit in one place.
- Summarizer: Generates a summary of key points from long-form content or essays.
- Citation Generator: Helps users create citations for their work.

QuillBot offers extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and macOS, as well as a free version with limited usage. Premium plans start at $19.95 per month, $79.95 for six months, and $99.95 per year. The premium version includes all features, but some, like the summarizer and plagiarism checker, have usage limits.

The platform's AI technology learns from datasets, which demonstrate the right and wrong ways to write, and adjusts its suggestions based on user feedback. QuillBot aims to make writing painless and accessible, allowing users to focus on the content of their writing rather than the mechanics.

  • Supported ecosystems
    Google Chrome, Microsoft, macOS, Apple, Google Chrome, Microsoft, macOS, Apple, iOS, Android, Google
  • What does it do?
    Paraphrasing, Grammar Checking, Plagiarism Detection, Writing Assistance, Text Summarization
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