What does it do?

  • Character Generation
  • AI Art Generation
  • Digital Art
  • Game Development
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How is it used?

  • Prompt to Image
  • Text to Image

Who is it good for?

  • Arts & Culture
  • Media, Entertainment & Gaming
  • Sales, Marketing & Advertising
  • Technology

What does it cost?

  • Pricing model : Unknown

Details & Features

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Promptchan AI is an AI-powered tool that generates highly detailed and customizable images of AI-generated characters, specifically focusing on creating AI girls.

Key features:
- Generates AI girls with high levels of detail and customization
- Allows users to specify character attributes such as appearance, clothing, and background settings
- Provides options to fine-tune generated characters by adjusting parameters like hair color, eye color, and facial expressions
- Outputs high-resolution images suitable for digital art, game development, and social media content
- Offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface for easy character creation

How it works:
1. Users input their desired character attributes through the web application interface
2. The generative AI model processes the input and generates a character image based on the specified parameters
3. Users can further refine the generated image by adjusting various settings
4. The final high-resolution image can be downloaded for personal or commercial use

- Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for direct sharing of generated images
- Digital art tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Procreate for further editing and refinement
- Game development engines like Unity and Unreal Engine for creating character assets

Use of AI:
Promptchan AI utilizes advanced generative AI models to create its character images. These models are designed to handle complex image generation tasks with high accuracy and detail.

AI foundation model:
The specific foundation model or large language model used by Promptchan AI is not detailed in the provided information.

How to access:
Promptchan AI is available as a web application, accessible from any device with an internet connection.

  • Supported ecosystems
    Unknown, iOS, Apple, Facebook, Meta, Adobe, Unity, Unreal Engine
  • What does it do?
    Character Generation, AI Art Generation, Digital Art, Game Development, Social Media Content Creation
  • Who is it good for?
    Arts & Culture, Media, Entertainment & Gaming, Sales, Marketing & Advertising, Technology


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Pricing modelUnknown


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