What does it do?

  • Image Generation
  • Video Generation
  • Sound Generation
  • Multimodal AI
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How is it used?

  • Text to Audio/Sound
  • Text to Text
  • Text to Image

Details & Features

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Meta AI is a suite of generative artificial intelligence tools and systems developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) that leverages advanced AI models to provide a wide range of functionalities, including complex reasoning, image and video generation, and multimodal interactions.

Key features:
- Audiobox: A foundational model for generating sound and soundscapes using natural language prompts
- Emu: Meta's first foundational model for image generation, allowing users to create images from text prompts
- Purple Llama: A suite of tools designed to help developers safely and responsibly deploy GenAI models
- Make-A-Video: An AI system that generates high-quality video clips from text prompts

How it works:
Users interact with Meta AI through various platforms and devices, including:
- Web and apps: Users can access Meta AI via Meta's family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) and the web
- Smart glasses: Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses allow users to interact with Meta AI hands-free using voice prompts
- In-app integration: Meta AI can be brought into group chats on Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp to share recommendations and organize group activities

Meta AI integrates with several Meta products and services, including:
- Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses
- Meta's family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp)
- Meta Quest virtual reality platform

Use of AI:
Meta AI leverages generative AI to transform user inputs into creative outputs. It is built on Meta's most advanced model, Meta Llama 3, which is capable of complex reasoning, following instructions, and solving nuanced problems.

AI foundation model:
Meta Llama 3 serves as the foundation model for Meta AI. The models are trained on large datasets, including publicly available and licensed information, to learn patterns and associations between different types of data.

How to access:
Meta AI is available as a web app, integrated into Meta's family of apps, and through devices like Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. It is designed for a wide range of users and is currently available in English in select countries, with plans for broader availability.

  • Supported ecosystems
    Meta, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Meta, Meta, Facebook, Meta AI
  • What does it do?
    Image Generation, Video Generation, Sound Generation, Multimodal AI, Smart Glasses Integration
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