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  • Legal Research
  • Legal Document Drafting
  • Legal Document Summarization
  • Legal Document Analysis
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Lexis+ AI is an advanced legal research and analytics platform that leverages generative artificial intelligence to enhance legal workflows. Developed by LexisNexis, Lexis+ AI offers a suite of features designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of legal research, drafting, and document analysis.

Key features:
- Conversational search using natural language queries
- Assisted drafting of legal documents based on user inputs and context
- Summarization of lengthy legal documents
- Analysis of legal documents to identify key elements such as relevant case law, statutes, and legal principles
- Accurate and verifiable legal citations for all generated content

How it works:
Users interact with Lexis+ AI primarily through a web application. The platform supports various use cases, including legal research, document drafting, summarization, and analysis. Users can input natural language queries, provide context and requirements for document drafting, and upload legal documents for summarization and analysis.

Lexis+ AI integrates with several legal and productivity tools to streamline workflows, including:
- Microsoft Office (Word and Outlook) for seamless drafting and email management
- Document Management Systems (DMS) for easy access to and management of legal documents
- Legal Practice Management Software like Clio and PracticePanther for enhanced case management and client interactions

Use of AI:
Lexis+ AI leverages generative AI models trained on vast amounts of legal data to ensure high accuracy and relevance. The platform is designed to minimize "hallucinations" (incorrect or fabricated information) by incorporating robust verification mechanisms and linking all generated content to reliable legal sources.

AI foundation model:
The specific AI foundation model used by Lexis+ AI is not disclosed in the provided information.

How to access:
Lexis+ AI is available as a web application, making it accessible from any device with internet connectivity. It is particularly beneficial for law firms, corporate legal departments, and solo practitioners.

Lexis+ AI was launched in March 2024 by LexisNexis, a company founded in 1973 with a long history of providing legal research and information services. The platform is not open source, ensuring the security and reliability of its proprietary technologies and data.

  • Supported ecosystems
    Microsoft, iOS, Apple, Android, Google
  • What does it do?
    Legal Research, Legal Document Drafting, Legal Document Summarization, Legal Document Analysis, Legal Workflow Optimization
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