What does it do?

  • English Language Learning
  • Speech Analysis
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
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How is it used?

  • Text to Interactive Content
  • Speech to Insights/Analytics

Details & Features

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Fluently Inc. launched Get Fluently, an AI-powered speaking coach, in April 2024 to help non-native English speakers improve their fluency and communication skills, particularly in professional settings. This tool provides real-time feedback and personalized insights based on users' speech during calls, making it an invaluable resource for individuals and teams aiming to enhance their English proficiency.

- Real-Call English Assessment: Analyzes users' speech during real-life calls, providing actionable feedback to improve fluency.
- Personalized Feedback: Provides detailed insights on users' speech after each call, highlighting areas for improvement.
- Pronunciation Practice: Offers exercises to help users practice and perfect their pronunciation.
- Vocabulary Enhancement: Helps users boost their active vocabulary through targeted exercises.
- AI Tutor: Provides continuous support and practice opportunities, available 24/7.
- Automatic Operation: Works in the background without requiring any setup, ensuring a seamless user experience.
- Progress Tracking: Allows users to track their improvement over time through personalized exercises and feedback.
- Security and Privacy: Encrypts all data during transit and at rest. Users have control over their recordings, which are stored locally, and can pause the app as needed.

How It Works:
1. Users download and install Get Fluently by dragging it into the Applications folder.
2. The tool runs in the background and integrates with any meeting platform, analyzing speech without the need for bots to join calls.
3. After each call, users receive personalized feedback and can complete exercises tailored to their specific needs.

Use Cases:
- Non-native English-speaking professionals can use Get Fluently to improve their communication skills during meetings and presentations.
- Companies with international teams can use the tool to assess and enhance the English proficiency of their employees, fostering better communication and collaboration.

Get Fluently supports integration with all major meeting platforms, ensuring that users can receive feedback regardless of the platform they use for their calls.

AI Foundation Model:
Get Fluently leverages advanced generative AI models to analyze speech and provide feedback. While the specific AI foundation model or LLM (Large Language Model) used is not detailed, the tool's capabilities suggest the use of sophisticated natural language processing and speech recognition technologies.

Get Fluently is available as a web app and can be downloaded for installation on various devices. It is not open source, ensuring that the proprietary technology and data handling methods remain secure and controlled by Fluently Inc.

Target Users:
- Non-native English professionals looking to improve their English communication skills in a professional context.
- Companies with international teams aiming to enhance the English proficiency of their employees to improve team communication and efficiency.

  • Supported ecosystems
    Unknown, Zoom
  • What does it do?
    English Language Learning, Speech Analysis, Pronunciation Practice, Vocabulary Enhancement, Professional Communication
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