What does it do?

  • Video Creation
  • Text to Video
  • AI Voiceover
  • Voice Cloning
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How is it used?

  • Text to Video

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Fliki is an AI-powered video generation platform that converts text into engaging videos with realistic voiceovers and dynamic AI-generated video clips. Launched on May 16, 2024, Fliki simplifies the video creation process, making it accessible to users in over 75 languages and 100 dialects.

Key features:
- Text to Video: Converts text into videos with AI voices and dynamic clips
- AI Voiceover: Offers over 1300 realistic voices across more than 75 languages
- Idea to Video: Transforms ideas into videos using a script-based editor
- AI Avatar: Creates avatar videos with a single click
- Text to Speech: Converts text into lifelike speech in various languages and dialects
- Voice Cloning: Clones voices for personalized voiceovers
- Blog to Video: Converts blog articles into video content
- PPT to Video: Transforms PowerPoint presentations into videos
- Tweet to Video: Converts tweets into videos
- Product Video: Transforms product listings into videos, supporting platforms like Amazon and Airbnb

How it works:
Fliki operates through a web application. Users start with text, ideas, PowerPoint presentations, blogs, or tweets. They then choose and personalize the AI voice, select media or let AI generate it, preview instantly, and perfect their creation. This streamlined workflow allows users to create videos in minutes.

While specific integrations were not detailed, Fliki's broad feature set suggests it can complement various content creation, marketing, and educational workflows.

Use of AI:
Fliki leverages advanced generative artificial intelligence technologies to analyze text and generate corresponding audio-visual content.

AI foundation model:
The exact AI foundation model or Large Language Model (LLM) used is not explicitly mentioned.

How to access:
Fliki is available as a web application, ensuring accessibility without the need for downloading any special software.

  • Supported ecosystems
    YouTube, Amazon, Airbnb
  • What does it do?
    Video Creation, Text to Video, AI Voiceover, Voice Cloning, Text to Speech
  • Who is it good for?


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