What does it do?

  • User Interface Design
  • Prototyping
  • Design Collaboration
  • Design Systems
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How is it used?

  • Sketch/Drawing to Interactive Content
  • Sketch/Drawing to Application

Details & Features

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Figma is a web-based interface design tool that enables teams to design, align, and build digital products collaboratively in real-time from anywhere.

Key features:
- Real-time collaboration: Multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously, enabling designers to create together while keeping workflows efficient and providing visibility to all team members.
- Prototype creation: Users can create realistic, interactive prototypes to test experiences early in the design process and facilitate quick iterations on flows and states.
- Dev Mode: Bridges the gap between design and development by providing developers with tools to accurately translate designs into code.
- Design systems: Supports the creation and management of design systems with reusable assets, standardized components, and variables to save time and maintain consistency.
- FigJam: An integrated online whiteboard for team collaboration beyond the design phase, facilitating kickoffs, stand-ups, rituals, and retrospectives.

How it works:
Figma is a web app accessible from any modern web browser without the need for software installation. Users interact with Figma through its intuitive interface, which supports drag-and-drop functionality, real-time collaboration, and instant sharing of designs and prototypes.

Figma integrates with various tools and platforms to further streamline workflows, typically including project management tools, developer utilities, and communication platforms.

Use of AI:
Figma utilizes generative artificial intelligence to enhance its design and prototyping capabilities, such as automating repetitive tasks, suggesting design improvements, and generating code from designs.

AI foundation model:
The specific AI foundation model or LLM Figma is built on is not provided in the source information.

How to access:
Figma is available as a web app, ensuring broad accessibility and ease of use for a diverse range of users, including individual designers, development teams, and organizations seeking a collaborative design solution.

  • Supported ecosystems
    Figma, Figma, Slack, Google, GitHub, iOS, Apple, Android
  • What does it do?
    User Interface Design, Prototyping, Design Collaboration, Design Systems, Online Whiteboarding
  • Who is it good for?


  • Lundegaard specializes in digital solutions, offering services such as business consulting, online marketing, conceptual design, and development of portals and applications to assist companies in enhancing their businesses through internet and mobile technologies.
  • Rappid Design specializes in App Design & Development, offering a unique design sprint process for funded startups, top-tier solutions for established technology companies, and high-quality design and engineering services for companies aiming to integrate technology.
  • The Web Designer GPT is an AI tool that assists users in optimizing website designs for an improved user experience, providing informed feedback and suggestions based on design principles and web technologies. It requires membership to ChatGPT Plus and offers a sophisticated chat interface for discussions on web design projects, including layout assessment, project enhancement suggestions, mobile optimization, and updates on UX/UI design trends. It caters to individuals and businesses seeking expert advice on web design projects, leveraging AI to provide insightful and precise help for effective and aesthetically pleasing website layouts.
  • AMM is a GPT that analyzes and interprets various forms of sketch input, providing users with an interactive platform to transform their ideas into comprehensive action plans, particularly focusing on manual sketches, whiteboard drawings, and napkin sketches, ultimately leveraging AI capabilities to translate visual ideas into coherent strategies.
  • Good Seeds specializes in mobile app prototyping and development for iOS and Android platforms, offering high-quality design and technical solutions to create user-friendly and visually appealing mobile apps.
  • Neat Teams specializes in handling complex software development tasks, offering expertise in the design and development of Mobile Applications and Web Applications, with a focus on UI/UX design and technology stack expertise.
  • System Surveyor is a unique design tool that enables businesses to interact visually with clients and co-design, allowing for easy sharing of projects and designs with team members, subcontractors, engineers, and clients, thereby enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.
  • Ohio Digital is a design and technology consultancy that combines design and technology expertise to help clients realize their ideas without complications, offering services such as art, branding, UI/UX design, and traditional web/app development, as well as specializing in advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and web 3.
  • Roller Agency is a UX/UI Design and Software Development Agency that specializes in UX design, web design, and app design, aiming to unify businesses and brands to maximize their creative potential and assist businesses in distinguishing themselves from their competitors.
  • Catcode is a unique, hand-drawn code that can be linked with any form of digital content, allowing users to enhance their paper notes with text, links, photos, and videos, and easily view the attached digital content by scanning the Catcode.