What does it do?

  • Data Analysis
  • Spreadsheet Integration
  • Real-time Analysis
  • Trend Identification
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How is it used?

  • Text to Data

Who is it good for?

  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Finance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government
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What does it cost?

  • Pricing model : Subscription
  • Free version : Yes
  • Free trial : 30 days
  • Starting monthly price : If billed monthly $59.00
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Details & Features

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Coefficient AI offers a powerful platform called GPT Copilot that integrates with Google Sheets to provide users with AI tools for faster and more efficient data connection and analysis. With Coefficient AI, users can pull live data from different business systems and perform data analysis using text instructions. GPT Copilot allows users to chat directly with GPT from their spreadsheets, generate formulas and charts, and unlock valuable insights.

Key Features of Coefficient AI and GPT Copilot:

- Live Data Integration: Users can pull real-time data from various business systems.
- GPT Copilot Integration: Users can chat with GPT directly from their spreadsheets.
- Auto-Generated Formulas and Charts: Coefficient AI simplifies data analysis by automatically generating powerful formulas and charts.
- Insightful Chart Generation: Users can analyze tables and generate visually appealing charts that highlight valuable trends in the data.
- Flexible Use Cases: GPT Copilot can be utilized across a wide range of industries.
- Comprehensive Data Analysis: Coefficient AI allows users to combine historical and real-time data.
- Waitlist for Early Access: Users can join the waitlist to gain early access to Coefficient AI's AI tools.

Use Cases for Coefficient AI and GPT Copilot:

- Real-time analysis: Users can pull live data from business systems and analyze it in real-time.
- Formula and chart generation: Users can chat with GPT and generate formulas and charts directly from their spreadsheets.
- Trend identification: Users can analyze tables and generate insightful charts to identify trends in the data.
- Valuable insights extraction: GPT Copilot can be used to extract valuable insights from industry news, competitor blogs, market trends, customer reviews, and social media analytics.
- Comprehensive reporting: Users can combine historical and real-time data to build comprehensive reports and dashboards.

In summary, Coefficient AI's GPT Copilot is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates live data from various business systems and enhances data analysis capabilities, making it easier for users to connect and analyze their data efficiently. Coefficient is a powerful AI tool that seamlessly connects Google Sheets with various business systems and databases, enhancing productivity. With the integration of GPT Copilot, users can leverage AI capabilities to streamline report and dashboard creation, automate tasks, and perform complex data analysis.

Features of Coefficient:

- 1-Click Connections: Users can instantly connect Google Sheets with systems like Salesforce, Looker, Redshift, and more.
- Customizable Imports: Data sets

  • Supported ecosystems
  • What does it do?
    Data Analysis, Spreadsheet Integration, Real-time Analysis, Trend Identification, Report Generation
  • Who is it good for?
    Fashion & Apparel, Finance, Food & Beverage, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality & Travel, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Automotive, Blockchain & Crypto, Education, Energy, Environment, Media, Entertainment & Gaming, Non-Profit & NGOs, Professional Services, Real Estate, Research & Development, Retail, Sales, Marketing & Advertising, Space Exploration, Sports & Fitness, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation


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Pricing modelSubscription
Free versionYes
Free trial30 days
Starting monthly priceIf billed monthly $59.00
Starting annual priceIf billed yearly $49.00


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