What does it do?

  • Personalized Video Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Sales
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How is it used?

  • Speech to Video
  • Data to Video
  • Text to Video

Who is it good for?

  • Government
  • Media, Entertainment & Gaming
  • Professional Services
  • Sales, Marketing & Advertising
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What does it cost?

  • Pricing model : Subscription
  • Starting monthly price : If billed monthly $39.00
  • Starting annual price : If billed yearly $39.00

Details & Features

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BHuman is an AI-powered platform that creates personalized videos for businesses, supporting over 50 languages and catering to various industries such as sales, marketing, real estate, and healthcare. The platform allows users to record a video template, connect their data, and send customized videos via email, SMS, LinkedIn, or Zapier, fostering human connections at scale.


- Personalized Videos: Users can create personalized videos in over 50 languages for a wide range of industries.
- Video Template Recording: Users can record a video template that can be used to generate thousands of personalized videos.
- Data Integration: BHuman can be connected with data from various sources, which can be utilized to customize the videos.
- Persona Creation: The platform enables users to create a digital clone that can have video chats with the audience on their behalf.
- Wide Range of Applications: This tool can be used in sales, marketing, eCommerce, real estate, and healthcare for several purposes like recovering abandoned carts, welcoming new leads, educating customers, and nurturing relationships.

Top Use Cases

1. Lead Engagement: Businesses can use BHuman to engage with their leads in a more personalized and effective way by creating and sending tailored videos.
2. Onboarding Process: Companies can utilize BHuman's technology to welcome new customers or employees with personalized videos, enhancing the onboarding experience.
3. Customer Support: BHuman can be used to guide users through their support journey using personalized videos, adding a human touch to customer service.
4. Sales and Marketing: Sales teams can nurture relationships with buyers, giving personalized property tours and automating mortgage sales with personalized videos.
5. Non-Profit Organizations: Non-profits can raise funds and educate people about their mission using personalized videos, creating a more human connection with their audience.

Pricing Plans

- Growth: $39.00 per month for startups.
- Scale: $99.00 per month for small businesses.
- Ultimate: $150.00 per month for small businesses.
- Enterprise Custom: Advanced features, white-glove services, and support not available on the SaaS platform.

BHuman.ai, launched in 2024, is a cutting-edge company specializing in the creation of personalized videos using generative artificial intelligence. The platform's development includes contributions from over six PhDs, highlighting its sophisticated and research-driven approach. BHuman.ai supports integration with almost any platform, allowing its digital clones to engage with audiences wherever they are online.

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  • Supported ecosystems
    Unknown, LinkedIn, Zapier
  • What does it do?
    Personalized Video Creation, Video Marketing, Customer Engagement, Sales, Marketing
  • Who is it good for?
    Government, Media, Entertainment & Gaming, Professional Services, Sales, Marketing & Advertising, Technology


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Pricing modelSubscription
Starting monthly priceIf billed monthly $39.00
Starting annual priceIf billed yearly $39.00


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