What does it do?

  • Video Translation
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Custom Merchandise Design
  • Virtual Spokesperson
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How is it used?

  • Text to Image
  • Text to Video

What does it cost?

  • Pricing model : Subscription
  • Free version : Yes
  • Free trial : 3 days
  • Starting monthly price : If billed monthly $30.00
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Details & Features

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Akool is a premium AI video suite designed for business applications, offering a comprehensive range of generative artificial intelligence features aimed at enhancing content creation and customization. Launched in 2024, Akool has quickly gained traction, trusted by Fortune 500 companies, with over 150 million asset creations to its name. The platform is particularly suitable for advertisers, marketers, content creators, and global professionals looking to leverage AI for creative and communication purposes. Akool operates primarily as a web application, making it accessible from various devices without the need for specific software installations.

- Face Swap: Allows users to engage in face swaps, including movie role refacing, gender swaps, and the creation of face memes.
- Video Translate: Enables the translation of video content, making it accessible to a wider audience without losing the original context or meaning.
- Image Generator: Empowers users to create custom merchandise designs and unique visual content.
- Realistic Avatar: Allows users to create videos from text featuring AI-generated avatars and voices.
- Talking Photo: Brings photos to life, allowing them to speak in real human voices.
- Background Change: Enables users to customize backgrounds in product photos.

How It Works:
Akool leverages generative artificial intelligence to provide these features through a web app interface, where users can access its various tools to create or modify content based on their requirements.

User Base:
With over 2 million users and 10,000 companies using its platform, Akool has testimonials from professionals like Tom Wirot, a Marketing Manager, who praises it as a breakthrough AI technology for advertisers and marketers.

Ideal Users and Availability:
Akool is ideal for a wide range of users, including advertisers, marketers, content creators, and global professionals looking to leverage AI for creative and communication purposes. It's available as a web application, ensuring broad accessibility.

In summary, Akool represents a significant advancement in the use of generative AI for business applications, offering a suite of tools that enhance content creation and customization. Its launch in 2024 and rapid adoption by major companies underscore its effectiveness and potential in the evolving landscape of AI-driven content creation.

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  • What does it do?
    Video Translation, Social Media Content Creation, Custom Merchandise Design, Virtual Spokesperson, Product Photo Enhancement
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Pricing modelSubscription
Free versionYes
Free trial3 days
Starting monthly priceIf billed monthly $30.00
Starting annual priceIf billed yearly $21.00


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