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So the big news Microsoft is announcing is Copilot Pro. They continue to release new AI product features that are targeting both power users and enterprises. The team at CO/AI are barely catching up with all the product Microsoft’s AI roadmap, but we thought this was worth sharing.

  1. Copilot Pro – A new $20/month premium subscription service for individuals that provides faster AI performance, early access to new models like GPT-4 Turbo, enhanced image creation capabilities, and custom Copilot models tailored to specific topics. Targets creators, researchers, programmers who want the latest Copilot features.
  2. Integrating Copilot into Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for personal subscribers. Helps individual users be more productive in core work apps.
  3. Making Copilot for Microsoft 365 available to all businesses including SMBs starting at $30/user/month. Removes previous 300-seat minimum purchase requirement. Partners can now resell Copilot to commercial customers. Expands Copilot’s availability and business use cases considerably.
  4. New Copilot mobile apps for iOS and Android launched. Lets users access Copilot AI on their phones synonymously with PCs.
  5. Ongoing Copilot capability upgrades like Copilot GPTs for custom models and integration into the Microsoft 365 mobile apps.

Clearly Microsoft is rapidly expanding Copilot’s accessibility and capabilities to empower more people and organizations to achieve more using AI. Lots of new options for businesses of any size to boost productivity.

What is it for an average user?

For Individuals:

Writing assistance – Copilot can help with writing emails, documents, code and more by providing AI-generated suggestions as you type. It aims to boost creativity and productivity for any writing task.

Research and learning – Copilot can summarize information and explain concepts when prompted with natural language questions. Useful for learning or collecting information faster.

Math/coding – Copilot can write code, solve math problems, debug errors to help programmers and other technical roles. Less time spent on rote tasks.

For Businesses:

Automate reporting/writing – Copilot can generate status updates, summaries, emails to share information across teams. Saves time spent on manual documentation.

Surface insights from data – Copilot can analyze data sets in Excel and highlight trends, correlations to inform business decisions. Augments human analysis.

Customer service assistance – Copilot can suggest responses to common customer service queries to resolve issues faster. Quickly access institutional knowledge.

Programming/IT assistance – Copilot aids software development by suggesting code complements, debugging help. Gets code working faster.

Copilot aims to act as an AI companion that every individual and business can employ to save time on manual tasks, unlock creativity, make better decisions. The more it is used, the more tailored its suggestions become for each user.

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