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Guess what? AI is becoming a normal part of how we work! In the past six months, almost twice as many people are using AI tools at their jobs, with most of the world’s workers turning to it for help. Workers are feeling stressed by the amount of stuff they have to do, so they’re starting to use AI even if their bosses haven’t gotten into it yet.

While company leaders know AI is important, a lot of them don’t have a clear plan for how to make it work for their whole company. They want to see results right away, which makes them freeze up, even though they know AI is the future.

This is where things get tricky. It’s like when the internet or computers first came around – companies have to adapt or they’ll get left behind. The businesses that figure out how to use AI to grow, save money, and make customers happy are going to be the winners.

AI and Jobs

Just like the internet, AI is going to change the way we think about jobs. Many leaders are worried about finding the right people, even though a ton of workers are thinking about switching jobs. Soon, knowing how to use AI might be just as important as having experience!

Want to get ahead of the game? Joining an online AI community like CO/AI can be a super smart move. You’ll connect with other people who are excited about AI, learn from experts, and maybe even catch the eye of companies looking for talented folks who understand this technology!

Microsoft and LinkedIn have been studying all this AI stuff. They surveyed a bunch of people, looked at job trends, and kept track of how workers are getting things done. They found some important things that everyone needs to know about when it comes to AI and our future jobs.

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